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  • Brendon Ruhan

Prioritizing Your Projects

Construction Projects: Which ones should be done now, which ones should wait

When you're getting ready to start a home remodeling project it can often be difficult to decide which ones to tackle first. As is the case with most of us, there's probably more than one project you want to get done. Making a list of needs VS wants is the best way to prioritize what to do now and what can wait till next year to fit your budget.

What's Important?

Wants can be anything that's cosmetic or something that adds a little extra spice to your project but isn't really necessary. It can range from big things such as elaborate decks and man caves to smaller items that you might not expect. Smaller add ons such as higher end countertops, flooring, tile, or imported fixtures can add up quickly! If your roof is 28 years old and the expected life span is 30 years, the in-ground pool or deck with a Jacuzzi should probably get put on hold, at least for now.

You Know What to Do...

Our homes are usually the largest investment most of us will make so making sure it is safe and sound will make sure it will keep you safe and sound in the future!

If you're thinking of starting a home renovation soon, make sure to evaluate your need VS wants in your upcoming projects.

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